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1. Where can I do my assessment for a provisional licence?
You can obtain your provisional licence through one of two methods, the Competency Based Training and Assessment Scheme (CBT&A) (Logbook Scheme) or with an ACT Government Licence Examiner.
The logbook system is available through an Accredited Driving Instructor (ADI) accredited by the ACT Government to train and assess learner drivers for a provisional driver licence.
Ensure that the driving instructor that you select is in fact an Accredited Driving Instructor and ask to see his or her Accreditation Certificate before you begin your driving lessons.
2. How many lessons would I need to obtain my licence through the logbook/CBT&A system?
The minimum number of lessons would be six to seven  (6-7) for a very good student who gets plenty of practice between lessons. The average number would be about 12 to 14 lessons with the number of lessons increasing if less time is spent in practice sessions. The lower the number of practice sessions, the higher the number of lessons
3.What is the maximum speed permitted for ACT learner drivers driving in the ACT and driving interstate?
ACT learner drivers can drive to the posted speed limit in the ACT. However, when driving in NSW, learner drivers must not exceed 80 kilometres per hour. ACT learner drivers driving in other States and Territories will need to check with that jurisdiction for the rules pertaining to learner drivers.
4.Can I use my own car?
No, because of insurance legalities. Students must use the driving school instructor's vehicle and they will be covered for all eventualities.
5.How much notice is needed if I wish to cancel my lesson?
At least 24 hours notice must be given if a lesson is cancelled. Insufficient notice will require full payment of the lesson. 
Notice of cancellation within 24 hours is with a medical certificate only.
6.Can I be picked up and dropped off at different locations?
Yes, your pick up and drop off locations can vary. Keep in mind that if your pick up and drop off locations are too far apart, there may be insufficient time for learning during that lesson.
7. How will I know if my instructor is accredited?
Easy, just look for the photographic accreditation documentation which is displayed within the vehicle.                                             
8.Can I change instructors once I have started the Log Book with another instructor?
Yes, you can change instructors at any time and continue with the same Log Book with your new instructor.
9. What age must I be and how long must I have held my learner licence before I can go for my provisional licence?
A learner licence holder must be at least 17 years of age and have held a learner licence for a minimum of 6 months before being permitted to obtain a provisional driver licence
 10. I have an interstate learner licence. What do I need to do to transfer to an ACT learner
A learner licence is not transferable. If you are 17 years of age, have a current interstate learner licence and have held a learner licence for at least six (6) months, you are permitted one (1) practical driver assessment with an ACT Government Licence Examiner. If the learner licence is not current or if you fail the assessment you will be required to undertake and pass the Road Ready Course and knowledge test and obtain an ACT learner licence.
11. What is the road rule when?????
Click on the link below to see The ACT's current Road Rules - effective from 15 March 2010
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